About Me

I am an artist in my heart, soul and in every cell of my body. I have a passion for making things surrounding me more beautiful than when I first encountered them. I love finding the beauty in a battered object and loving it just the way it is, or partly restoring it. The beauty of these pieces lies in the imperfection, in the story it reflects... This faded look is often reflected in my work: my paintings, as well as my clothing designs. I love finding inspiration in the past. My favourite painters include John Singer Sargent and Cecilia Beaux. I like to refer to my clothing designs as "fabric art", since the focus is often on detail. It's not fashion, but wearable garments of timeless elegance, enhanced by detailed hand finishing. Each design is a one off. My style is instantly recognizable, but no design is ever repeated. I you are interested to see what I'm up to in the textile department, please visit www.elriaellismode.blogspot.com. For more info, a chat or to commission a painting or garment, please e-mail me: hanselria@skynet.be

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Collection: La rose bleue: une fantaisie

I have recently shown my new collection, entitled "La rose bleue: une fantaisie" at the Salon de Creation en Brabant Wallon at the fabulous Chateau d'Helecine. The inspiration behind the collection is fantasy becoming reality. A blue rose doesn't truly exist, but if one has the imagination to dream and if one dares to stick to one's dreams, fantasy can become reality. Have faith and see how one can be blessed with things far above what we can dream or imagine...

I hope my creations inspire you to dream, to live life passionately and to fill and surround yourself with beauty!

The gorgeous mannequins who modeled my outfits: Sylvie, Els, Caroline, Rouslana, Alizée, Mathilde and me in the middle

The Fantasy

Sylvie gracefully models a full-length bias-cut chiffon dress, with gold Indian-inspired block-printing and beading following the lines of the dress.
This is coupled with a figure-hugging knit coat with a gravity-defying stand-up collar, entirely constructed of handmade roses.


Mathilde shimmers in a bias-cut sheath that insists to be shimmied in! The empire style dress has a cowl bodice in slate coloured chiffon,with an over skirt in smoky aqua. Hand painted roses bloom on a border of pistachio silk which sports a fringe of individually hand made tassels. The dress is further enhanced with trimming and beads. A matching necklace was custom made, using vintage beads.

Sweet Caroline

Caroline sparkles in a full-skirted backless dress. The Grecian-inspired pleats in the bodice are held in place by narrow straps of blue tafetta, while her waist is encircled by a vintage diamante band. The collection's signature blue roses at the neckline draws attention to her lovely face

Blue cloud

Els wears cascades of cloudy chiffon: a draped masterpiece in a palatial setting. Aqua and slate coloured roses catches a voluminous over-the-shoulder train at the neckline. As in the other models in the collection, the roses are handcrafted.

Slinky Malinky

Alizee is a vision in a body-hugging full length sheath dress, with inserted chiffon godets, creating a train at the back. A short tafetta bolero with a sculptural collar adds the wow-factor to this ensemble.
The necklace by Francoise Zeegers echoes the hand sculptured rose relief on the bodice of the dress.

Turqoise dazzler

Rouslana wears a calf length coat of devore chiffon, enhanced with tafetta roses around the hemline and at the sleeve cuffs. The coat is lined in the same printed velvet used for the matching short dress, causing the coat to shimmer, where the metallic print peeps through the sheer chiffon. The coat is fastened at the waist with an eye-catching vintage diamante buckle.